Obiba Sly Collins To Launch “Ghana + Peace” Campaign

Sly Collins 1Ghanaian Veteran Musician, Obiba Sly Collins, officially launches his “Ghana + Peace” Campaign officially this Thursday at the Obiba Foundation Headquarters at North Legon in Accra.

The peace campaign which kicks off this August is expected to sweep across the entire Ghana as part of moves to promote tranquility before, during and after the elections. Specific dates for the tour set about the 10 Regions of Ghana would be officially disclosed at the press launch. The tour would climax with a major concert in Accra in November, laced with Obiba’s new album “Reality” official launch at the Tang Palace in Accra.

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GHANA + PEACE campaign is scheduled to be launched at 10:00am on 18th August, 2016 at Obiba Foundation Office Premises located at Kofi Annan Avenue near IPMC, North Legon. Executives, delegates and representatives are scheduled to embark on a tour to all the regions across the country starting this August, 2016 for Signatory endorsements of personalities like the Chiefs, Clergy, Diplomats’, Stakeholders of Ghana Peace Council, and other invited Celebrities. GHANA + PEACE campaign 2016 having Calabash as a symbol for PEACE, would later hold the grand finale on 5th November at Tang Palace Hotel located at Borstal Avenue, near Jack and Jill School, Roman Ridge. This event would feature H.E John DramaniMahama and all 2016 Party Flag bearers.

This campaign however is geared towards preserving the country’s peace for this year’s election and beyond.

Peace is everything a country thrives on for growth. For without peace every activity comes to a standstill hence hindering a country’s growth and sustainable development. As part of this laudable mission, Obiba foundation has taken an initiative to embark on this peace campaign dubbed “Protecting the Peace of Our Land”.

Already, 4 songs have been released off the album with classic music videos shot for it. Below is an official letter from the Obiba Foundation inviting the press for the launch.


Obiba foundation is a non-profit organization that gives humanitarian needs in the form of giving home care, security and educational support to the under-privileged in society. The foundation seeks to project its services across the nation to help the needy in society in the next few years. PEACE cannot be measured with any scientific method but the benefits it brings is enormous therefore as an NGO we support any initiative to promote peace.

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