What Christians Must Know About Evil Christianity!! By Chris Bapuohyele


thumb (16)Dear reader, be cautioned that this article you are about to read is not for faint-hearted people! Please gather all the courage you can, and do grasp onto something for support if you must, as you read to the end! Try as much as possible to read this article because it will bless you, particularly, if Christianity is your religion.

Maybe, you pride yourself as being a staunch adherent of one of the countless denominations of Christianity. You may even occasionally boast before your peers that you will willingly die while believing whatever faith you profess in any particular brand of Christianity’s diverse denominations!

If you are such a staunch believer of Christianity, then you may be hoping to live in the presence of Elohim, upon exiting Earth, as almost every Christian hopes to!! Well, if this is your hope, I have very bad news for you—your hopes will never materialize!!

Dear reader, consider my article as Elohim’s warning to you from one of His dutiful servants. Please, patiently read it, for I write it in love to alert and warn you that Christianity is evil and will, ultimately, do everyone of its adherents great harm!

Have you ever considered that Christianity came unto Earth to obliterate the genuine and true way for mankind to get into the bosom of Elohim upon exiting Earth? This is to say, before the coming of Christianity there was a definite way that led mankind confidently towards Elohim in Heaven!

Fact is that, Christianity only came in the fourth century! Therefore, the primary followers of the Savior—Kefa, Yochanan, Andrew, Mattityahu, etc—never heard of Christianity before exiting Earth within the first century, long before Christianity’s fourth century advent!

So then, no followers of the Savior subscribed to Christianity for salvation! And yet, they are the surest of holy men, since the era immediately following the Savior’s Ascension to Heaven to date, deemed eligible for Heaven!

If these holy men, who waved goodbye to the Savior as he departed Earth on Har HaZeytim (Mt. Olivet?) in Yisroel, would be in Heaven without ever hearing about Christianity, why would any Christian faithful down the ages hope that their faith in Christianity will enable them to be in Heaven??

Do you know, dear Christian, that the English Bible does not even mention the word “Christianity” in one instance throughout its pages? Please, assure yourself of this by consulting “The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible” or “Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament”, to know that the English Bible never mentions the word “Christianity”!!

What this means is that Christianity is not a topic or subject that is taught in the English Bible! And yet Christians consider the English Bible as being the complete, full, and final revelation of Elohim to mankind which contains His instructions on how anyone may reach Him in Heaven??

Christians consider the word “BIBLE” an acronym—meaning, Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. And yet this book has no instruction in Christianity as the faith they strongly believe will lead mankind to Heaven? How could that be?

You may argue that the word “Christian” exists in the English Bible and so is the source of the word “Christianity”. Yes, indeed, the word “Christian” and its plural form, “Christians”, exist in the English Bible, but only in three verses—Acts 11:26, 26:28, First Peter 4:16.

Even then, these words are mentioned only in passing; without explaining who Christians are! Why then, would anyone delight in being called a Christian, without the Bible, the so-called handbook for Christians for their pilgrimage to Heaven, defining it??

You may now be reaching out for your trump card in your argument—the name JESUS CHRIST—that is found hundreds of times in verses of the English Bible as being the source of “Christianity” and why its adherents call themselves “Christians”!

Sadly, this is where all Christians are deceived and will ultimately have their hopes of being received into Heaven by their confidence in Christianity as their saving-faith, dashed!! Contrary to the belief of Christians, the name JESUS CHRIST does not belong to the Jewish-born Savior of mankind, as English Bible translators would have their readers believe!!

The name JESUS CHRIST is English and since, in all the days that the Savior lived in Yisroel, nobody there knew one English word, nobody ever called him by the name JESUS CHRIST!! Searching for the name JESUS CHRIST in the well-kept genealogy records of male born babies in Yisroel, between 4 BCE-30 CE when this JESUS CHRIST is deemed to have been born and lived, may only establish the name JESUS CHRIST as belonging to a phantom—a non-human being—never known to have been born in Yisroel!!

On the day the Savior was sacrificed outside Yerushalayim, any stranger there who asked to know his name as he hung on a pole between two others would not have anyone tell him the Savior’s name was JESUS CHRIST—for it took some three hundred years after this event for the world to hear this name!!

So then, just as it was a lie on that day for anyone to say the name of the Savior was JESUS CHRIST, so will it be a lie today for anyone to say the Savior who shed his blood and died for the salvation of mankind is JESUS CHRIST—for lies, like all words, are spirit and never die out (Jochanan 6:63)!!

If, in ascribing the name JESUS CHRIST to the Savior one has lied, then everything associated with this name are also lies!! So then, Christianity only reveals itself as one big deception and a hoax; and likewise must the Christian also be deemed an imposter—in claiming to have been saved by some name that was not the Savior’s, believing to be on his way to Heaven when he is not, and singing praises in the name of a counterfeit Savior!!

This, to me, is the greatest predicament in which one would ever find oneself—believing to be holy and worthy for Heaven when Heaven has judged the one unworthy and an imposter, and never to be allowed to get close!!

How could mankind get himself into such a big mess? Well, Lucifer, working in and through the “fourth beast” revealed in Daniel, has succeeded in fulfilling his vow to change or reverse whatever Elohim has established. (cf. Daniel 7:15-25)!!

The most accomplished feat achieved by Lucifer has been his success in “effecting” a name-change of the Savior, using his stock in trade—trickery and deception—thereby, making mankind accept a counterfeit name—JESUS CHRIST—for the Savior, in replacement of the genuine one—YESHUA HaMashiach!!

You see, while Lucifer was in Heaven and still in loyal service to Elohim, he knew the true name of the Savior as being, YESHUA, meaning “Salvation”, and of his holy title, “HaMashiach”, meaning “The Anointed One”. In fact, Lucifer, for a very long time, lived in willful submission to the power in this name and title, and witnessed how all and every business of Heaven revolved around this name!!

When later on Lucifer was cast out of Heaven onto Earth, becoming the de-facto ruler of the Earth, he wished his rule would never end and remain unhindered, whilst Elohim also ruled in Heaven, Eternally.

Lucifer, therefore, got jittery when the name YESHUA which he had now come to fear greatly, was announced by an angel on two occasions to the would-be “parents” of the Savior at the instance of Elohim (Mattityahu 1:21, Lukas 1:31), so Earth would eternally know it and never make a mistake in calling him differently throughout mankind’s history on Earth!!

Immediately YESHUA was born on Earth to liberate mankind from Lucifer’s bondage to sin and his dominion, Lucifer knew his days of tyranny over mankind were numbered. But he would not give up without a fight and, thus, immediately set to work thinking to abort the plan of Elohim!!

First, Lucifer attempted killing Yeshua at birth but only succeeded in killing innocent male babies in the Beit-Lechem environs born around the time of Yeshua’s birth! Then, he screwed with the minds of elite Jews to lead a campaign against Yeshua’s ministry and mastermind a rejection of him as a Messenger of Elohim! Displaying much folly, Lucifer even attempted to drown YESHUA in a tempest at sea while he slept in a ship with his friends; etc, etc!!

Eventually, Lucifer got Yeshua falsely accused by Jewry and was killed! Not long afterwards, he schemed, but to no avail, to stop Yeshua’s resurrection which was to prove to everyone that, he is, indeed, the Savior (Mattityahu 27:62-66, 29:11-15).

Failing in all of his plans, Lucifer later regretted killing the Savior (First Corinthians 2:8) because Yeshua’s followers used his name—YESHUA HaMashiach—in the post-ascension era as their tool and weapon to win souls and do miracles everywhere they went, much to Lucifer’s annoyance as he watched, unable to resist the power of the name YESHUA HaMashiach!!

When Lucifer saw he had lost the war against Elohim and that He was fast establishing His Salvation and Rule on Earth, through His loyal forces using the genuine name—YESHUA HaMashiach—of His Son, he tricked mankind into accepting the name JESUS CHRIST in exchange for YESHUA HaMashiach, thereby slowing down Elohim’s reclamation bid of Earth!!

Lucifer was very patient in achieving this feat! He waited till the last follower of the Savior had slept, and till all his second generation followers also had become naturally sleepy, to plant his evil seed of Tares—believers in JESUS CHRIST—among the good seed of Wheat—believers in the name YESHUA HaMashiach!!

The coming of the name JESUS CHRIST was masterminded, crafted, and tooled by Lucifer using Greek beliefs and mythology! Greek mythology has ZEUS as its name for the Creator, and IZEUS, as his son; seemingly as ELOHIM is the name of the Creator revealed by the Hebrew Holy Scriptures and YESHUA the name of His only begotten Son!!

The English JESUS, an inspired and direct derivative of the Greek IZEUS, therefore, has in it the inextricable substance and value (DNA?) of ZEUS!! See?? The worship of JESUS by Christians means ignorantly worshipping ZEUS through his son IZEUS!! Oh, the killing power of ignorance!! As Christians accept CHRIST which is derived from the Greek CHRISTOS, it renders the fact that “salvation is from the Jews” (Yochanan 4:22) untrue, and seems to take the will of Elohim for His chosen nation Yisroel to Greece!!

May all Christians beware that any prayers made in the name JESUS CHRIST are not headed to Heaven!! Christians must know that Lucifer works many fake miracles, and in the same vein can bring wealth and prosperity, and cause the re-housing of demons in man’s body to seem to bring healing to demon-infested bodies of mankind. He is able to bring to Christians all such cravings, but never salvation!!

At the end of the day, Christians may get all worldly things held by Lucifer—the ruler of this world—that they want, thinking to have received them from Elohim and His Son YESHUA, but in reality from Lucifer; and in the end, they would receive no salvation for their souls. Just beware, folks, of evil Christianity!! Shalom.

The writer is a Bible expositor and an author,

Website: http://sbpra.com/ChrisBapuohyele