Paternity suit: Catholic Priest to be stripped of immunity


27251892A family Court in Accra has directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be served with a writ filed against a Catholic Priest accused of failing to cater for a child he allegedly had with a 24-year-old Ghanaian lady.

The court’s directive is to have the Ministry apply to the apostolic nuncio for a waiver of the diplomatic immunity enjoyed by the priest by virtue of his ties to the Vatican, which is recognized as a country.

Rev. Father Yves Lucien, who is the Director of the Biblical Centre for Africa and Madagascar (BICAM) situated at the Airport Residential area in Accra, has not yet been served with the writ.

The lady, Josephine Ganyoame, is asking the court for an order for the priest to subject himself to a paternity test to determine the father of the child.

She is also requesting the court to give an order that the irresponsibility of the priest breaches the child’s right to a name, basic necessities of life, welfare, social protection and care guaranteed under the Children’s Act.

Ms Ganyoame is also praying the court for custody of the child with reasonable access to the priest. The case has been adjourned to the May 10 2016, to allow for the recommended processes to be carried out.