Pastor Camouflages Hidden Cameras as Air Fresheners In Women’s Restroom


Robert-Lyzenga-placed-hidden-cameras-in-the-womes-restroom.-www.allchristiannews.com_-293x300Reported by Nigel Boys A 57-year-old Indiana pastor thought he could get away with viewing women going to the restroom by installing secret video cameras that captured footage he’d download later. Robert Lyzenga (pictured) was eventually caught after getting away with his disgusting vοyeuristic habit for over two years. When it was revealed that the troubled pastor had been viewing young girls using the restroom, all he had to say for himself is that he didn’t intend to record children. The pastor must’ve thought that it would have been perfectly okay for a trusted servant of God to abuse the position he had been given, if he had only recorded older women members of his congregation in their time of relief. Judge Randy Williams apparently didn’t think much of his excuse and set a hearing for his sentencing on July 18, after the pastor had admitted to all 10 counts against him. Lyzenga will now face a concurrent prison sentence ranging from 2-10 years for the five counts of Class C felonies for child explοitation and five counts Class D felony vοyeurism leveled against him for recording 10 juvenile victims. Possibly one of the reasons that the judge did not have much sympathy for the pastor of Sunrise Christian Reformed Church in Lafayette, IN is because he had kept recording video of young girls age 5-16, even after he had realized that his cameras were capturing children. The pastor had initially made up an excuse, claiming that he thought he would not recognize any of his intended victims. however, he later admitted that he could, in fact, recognize many of them. According to Lyzenga, he made the secret video cameras look like air fresheners and fastened them with Velcro to the door of the women’s cubicles. He added that he knew what he was doing was wrong and shameful, but he didn’t stop. Lyzenga could have stopped recording the young girls and sought psychiatric help to overcome his disgraceful intentions at anytime before his actions were revealed in April 2012, but he didn’t do so until the day after he had been arrested. In his defense, Kent Moore, defense attorney for Lyzenga, claimed that the pastor had not intended to record juveniles, but he didn’t say exactly what his intentions had been.