How Satan’s Deception Mill Has For Close to Two Millennia Produced All These Many Christians (Part 4 of 6)


It is only when any Gentile is thus begotten of the stock of Abraham, by his faith in the Word of the Most High One and not necessarily biologically, that the true value, meaning, power, and essence of the Holy Scriptures can ever become real to him. And it is only in this new status of having become a spiritual Jew that any Gentile believers of the Word of Elohim can have the Hebrew ingredients, fragrances, and flavors of the Holy Scriptures become real and meaningful to him, as to urge and aid him unto his desired destination—Heaven.

The number one Heavenly ingredient and fragrance or flavor revealed in the Word of Elohim for the salvation of mankind is the person and name of the Hebrew-born Son of the Most High One. This is because it is only the sacrificial work wrought in the death and the true name of the Jewish born Savior that have the power, wisdom, and will of the Most High One infused into them, enough to bring salvation to all men in the entire earth.

So then, one must seek to know the true and genuine name of the Savior and exercise sincere faith in it, together with faith in his mission and work on earth, so as to enter his salvation. Without knowledge of the Savior’s true name, and the sincere exercise of faith in this name, salvation can never be attained by any man.

The good news is that, long before the foundations of the world were laid, the true and never-to-change name of the Savior of mankind was set apart by the authority and will of the Most High One; and He set it apart to Himself and hallowed it.

Later on, He made known to the Heavenly congregation of angels, this holy and powerful name, and commanded their loyalty and service to this name. By this name was the worship of the Most High One in Heaven ordered, and also, by it, law and order was established and maintained in Heaven. Later on in the scheme of things, angels became witnesses to the coming into being of all Creation in and by this unique name of the Son of the Most High One.

After the name of the Son of the Most High One had been in use in Heaven for a long time, the Most High One decided in the fullness of His time, to send an angel as a messenger to make it known to the inhabitants of the earth also. This information of the unique name of the Son of the Most High One was to be a prelude and a herald of his coming to earth as the Redeemer of mankind from his sins.

This angel of the Most High One came to earth on two good occasions with the name of the Savior, given to him by the Most High One to be announced for the salvation of mankind. On one occasion, this angel made known this name to Joseph (Matthew 1:21) and in the other, he pronounced it to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:31).

On both occasions, the name the angel gave out was the same that was known and in use in Heaven by the Most High One Himself, and by His holy angels. This name was of Hebrew origin, and designed by the Most High One to be so, and was to be used by Jews, and in Jewish land. That name of heavenly origin is YESHUA HaMashiach; it was never to be or could ever be “JESUS CHRIST”, the name derived from IZEUS CHRISTOS after the Greek deity, ZEUS!

The English translators of the Bible in Matthew 1:21 and Luke 1:31 and many other places would have their readers believe that the name “JESUS” was what the angel of the Most High One brought from Him from Heaven, that it was the name “JESUS” that he gave to Joseph and also to Mary, and that the two—Joseph and Mary—in agreement, did name the Savior “JESUS” when he was born!!

For very obvious reasons, neither the angel who was sent from Heaven by the Most High One to announce the name of the Savior to the world, nor Joseph and Mary, his foster parents, could have come up with the name JESUS, before his birth or at his naming ceremony as bible translators accuse them of doing, and would have their readers also judge that they did.

As for the angel of the Most High One, if, despite all the many centuries he had known the name YESHUA to be the only one by which the Most High One permitted for all business and activity in Heaven to be conducted, he would rather give the name JESUS in execution of his assignment to earth, he, by that act, would have elected himself for eternal damnation.

If this angel had uttered the name JESUS instead of YESHUA to Joseph and the Virgin Mary, he would have been deemed disobedient by the Most High One and disloyal to His plan for the redemption for mankind, and, therefore, would have been declared by the Most High One to be unworthy of returning to Him in Heaven.

This angel would have been chained and locked up in a dungeon of some bottomless pit on earth, and left marooned there, until the end time judgment day when he would then be paraded in shame before the saints and holy angels of the Most High One, before being cast into a lake of unquenchable fire.

For Joseph and Mary, who obviously could not speak English (or Greek), it is ridiculous to suppose that they, indeed, named the Savior “JESUS” when he was born, as bible translators claim they did. If, despite their obvious inability to speak English, they were by some miracle of Satan, able to name the Savior “JESUS”, they would have committed an unpardonable sin against the Most High One by permanently derailing His plan for mankind’s redemption from Satan, and would have rendered themselves the most wretched and doomed people ever to have lived on earth.

So then, why would anyone have the courage to tamper with the Heaven-ordained name YESHUA given to the Savior by the Most High One Himself, changing it to JESUS? I wonder where so-called “church fathers” and bible translators who brought about the name change of the Savior from YESHUA to JESUS found courage to do this. And, since it is obvious that they were never mandated by the Most High One to do this, they definitely will receive a query from Him to answer.

You see, we must all beware that, nobody who has a desire to do any good service to the kingdom of the Most High One and to his fellow men will ever be left alone to himself, without hindrances and impediments being placed in his way in this regard, by the fiendish beast—Satan—who has vowed to oppose everything that man may do to please his Maker.

Because of this, anyone seeking to do good service to the kingdom of the Most High One must be sure he has, indeed, been called, instructed, mandated, ordained, anointed, encapsulated from Satan, and sent out at the right time, by Him to do the service he does. Otherwise, he could be serving Satan and his kingdom, unawares!

Long ago, before the Savior was sent from Heaven to deliver mankind from the dominion of sin and its evil consequences, Satan knew about this plan and vowed to stop it. Working as the fourth beast in Daniel’s visions (cf. Daniel 7:15-25), Satan had vowed before the coming of the Son of the Most High One that he would do all in his power to stop Him from redeeming mankind from enslavement to him by changing His set times and laws. (—the continuing part to this article is in Part 5 of 6: Soon to be published).