31st Night is market day for pastors – Rev. Ansah


42088965The President of Nasem University on Adom FM, Rev. Gabriel Ansah aka ‘Wotee’ has described the annual 31st December night church service as a “market day” for pastors.

He says the church leaders target the day for the collection of more offering from people hence the lengths to which they go to advertise their programmes.

“31st night is market day for Pastors because it increases offertory for pastors,” he declared on Adom News.

Responding to suggestions by some Ghanaians that their sins will be forgiven on 31st night if they confess, Rev Ansah explained that they are jokes.

“They are jokers. You can’t wait till 31st (December) to play spiritual gymnastics; prayer does not bring about forgiveness of sins. God looks at a repentant and remorseful heart,” he said.

According to him, there is no such thing as saving your sins to ask for forgiveness on 31ST so those who are intentionally committing sins in order to ask for forgiveness on that night are deceiving themselves.

Rev Ansah says pastors must focus on preaching repentance and salvation and stop emphasizing on monetary things.