Ghana Jollof Vs Naija Jollof: Juliet Ibrahim Joins The Debate (Video)

juliet ibrahimJuliet Ibrahim has joined in on the Nigeria Jollof vs Ghana Jollof’ debate.

For months, Nigerians and Ghanaians have argued on which country makes the better Jollof Rice.

In her exclusive interview with Pulse TV, Juliet Ibrahim wades in on the debate.

I’m one of those people that will just tweet something or put something on Instagram and go like ‘Naija Jollof versus Ghana Jollof’. Seriously Jollof rice is sweet o! It’s my favourite African dish actually. So when people tell me that one Jollof rice is better than the other then I have issues because everybody knows how to cook it better” she said.

Juliet Ibrahim also revealed that Jollof rice made in Liberia is sweeter than the ones made in Ghana or Nigeria.

If I tell you Liberian Jollof rice is sweeter you people will not believe me. That’s because I can cook it. The Liberian Jollof rice will be mixed up with Ghana style and Naija style, and then that makes it Liberian Jollof.

Yesterday, Juliet Ibrahim shared a hot picture of herself on Instagram.

Pulse attended the premiere of the actress’ new movie ‘Shattered Romance‘ yesterday (October 14).


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