M.anifest must be careful with Sarkodie beef – Okraku Mantey


thumbIt seems the beef between Sarkodie and M.anifest won’t end anytime soon. Social media is awash with fans from both artistes defending their favorite.

The Head of Programmes at Hitz FM, Mark Okraku Mantey, a music notable, is advising M.anifest to pull the plug and “mind his language.”

Mark Mantey said, “sometimes somebody talks to you very dirty and you want to reply dirtier. The more you get dirtier, because of your brand position, the more your brand is affected.”

Speaking on JOYNEWS’ current affairs program, Pulse, Monday, he said M.anifest followers are of a particular class and he [M.anifest] must be careful not to follow what others are doing and descend into the gutters.

“Because it is M.anifest, people respect him in a particular class, so if we see him speak like this, we will say no! this can’t be M.anifest,” he said.

Sarkodie he said has always been aggressive and always painting pictures of his struggles to his fans and it’s always about himself which his fans understand.

“If the one who is seen as the cool; especially when we all know the kind of home M.anifest comes from, he schooled in the West and his level of education and all that, the perception is that he must know better,” Mr Mantey said.

According to Mr Mantey, M.anifest can battle but must mind tolerance level, as there should be a cut-off point for his language, he as he can’t get dirty.

Story by Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Abubakar Ibrahim | Email: abubakar.ibrahim@myjoyonline.com