Bukom Banku gives up on bleaching


30533289Ghanaian boxer, Bukom Banku now popularly known as Banku Flesh has disclosed he has stopped bleaching, after almost four months of toning his body.

Banku Flesh whose skin suddenly turned white due to excessive use of bleaching creams, in several interviews he granted said, the decision to bleach was influenced by one of his wives, as well as his desire to be appointed as Ghana’s Ambassador to Germany, if President Mahama won the 2016 elections.

In a statement posted on social media by TV presenter Israel Laryea and Charles Takyi, monitored by Ghanaweb.com, they claimed Bukom Banku has decided to stop toning and live with his black skin.

“Banku flesh’ going back to his original skin colour; says he has given up bleaching!”, Charles Takyi Boadu post read.

“Was on the same flight from Takoradi with Bukom Banku whose decision to bleach his skin in recent months was of major concern to many Ghanaians.

Well, he says he’s stopped bleaching and it’s quite evident from the pictures, or? He says Ghana people talk too much.” Israel Laryea also wrote.

Banku Flesh spent GHC1,000 every week on bleaching creams.

See the facebook posts below.