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Hello beloved in Christ, pastor James Appiah is inviting you to his album launching on the 6/5/2017 see you, and God bless you

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Avoid the Leadership of a Child – 4

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A leader must study and understand leadership in order not to lead people with the mind of a child because the leadership of a child is marked by a lack of concentration, merely fighting over position and also lacking in foresight, analysis and logical reasoning. 9. THE LEADERSHIP OF A CHILD IS CHARACTERIZED BY A LACK OF CONCENTRATION. That we henceforth be no more children, TOSSED TO AND FRO, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; Ephesians 4:14 Children have a short attention span. When a leader does not concentrate on his core functions, he achieves nothing. In warfare, for instance, one of the key principles is to bring all your forces to bear on one point in order to overcome it. This is why when

Gifty Osei And Husband’s Marriage Is Legally No More

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Gifty Osei and former husband Renowned female gospel musician Gifty Osei and husband, Prophet Prince Elisha Osei have legally ended their relationship as marriage couples, is reliably informed. A close source to the songstress who talked to us about the split added that the “fefeefe” singer has since moved on with her normal life. The two, Gifty Osei and Prophet Prince Elisha were married for more than ten years. We will bring to our ardent readers any information we gather as far as this marriage breakup is concerned. Below are photos of Prophet Prince Elisha, Gifty Osei and former husband. Read Also: Ohemaa Mercy Kisses Husband At Surprise Birthday Party

The Type Of Leadership To Avoid

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Close your eyes and imagine a child as your leader. . . Do you like what you see? I am sure you don’t! God declared that children would lead His people. As for my people, CHILDREN ARE THEIR OPPRESSORS, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. -Isaiah 3:12 The tone of this Scripture leads us to believe that it is a curse or a punishment for a group of people to be led by children. On the surface, this may sound a bit harsh but a little reflection and meditation on the meaning of this scripture will help you to develop your abilities to lead. Indeed, these are two curses that you must understand and avoid at all costs! You must have heard the statement, “You are childish!” You must have heard the statement, “You

Is Jesus God?

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  Is Jesus God? Have you ever met a man who is the center of attention wherever he goes? Some mysterious, indefinable characteristic sets him apart from all other men. Well, that’s the way it was two thousand years ago with Jesus Christ. But it wasn’t merely Jesus’ personality that captivated those who heard him. Those who witnessed his words and life tell us that something about Jesus of Nazareth was different from all other men. Jesus’ only credentials were himself. He never wrote a book, commanded an army, held a political office, or owned property. He mostly traveled within a hundred miles of his village, attracting crowds who were amazed at his provocative words and stunning deeds. Yet Jesus’ greatness was obvious to all those who saw and heard him. And while most great people

The Staunchness of a Leader is His Resistance to a Series of Blows

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You must be able to stand in an evil day. An evil day is a day when you receive a series of blows. After a leader receives a series of blows, will he still be standing? Do you have staunchness? Can you resist a series of blows? A series of blows is different from a single blow. Your depth and latitude are what are tested in an evil day. How deep are you? How wide are you? How substantial are you? It is a series of blows that differentiates the boys from the men. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. -Ephesians 6:13 John Wesley continued his preaching and pastoral duties, almost without pausing. He refused to change his preaching and his ministry in spite of the blows he was receiving in his life. John

The Idolatry of Men Swearing Oaths by a Cross!!

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Part I On December 30, 2016, former President John Dramani Mahama, who was yet to hand over the reins of the Government of Ghana to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on January 7, 2017, led a Mr. Daniel Domelovo to swear the Oath of Office as the new Auditor General for the Republic of Ghana at the Flagstaff House! Of course, I was not drawn into the brouhaha and public outcry that surrounded Mr. Demelovo’s appointment, in view of its closeness to the time of exit from office of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, which many of my countrymen chose to be embroiled in! I was however fascinated and even shocked at seeing a cross (crucifix?) held aloft, in an obvious show of sacred seriousness, by Mr. Domelovo as he swore an Oath of Office to the President and the nation, as is required of

Disciples; Do Know That We Are Living In The Kingdom Today!!!

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Knowing you are living in the Kingdom Today can be very helpful dear disciples. Whilst I agree that you must not be condemned for how you celebrate or do not celebrate Christmas it is of utmost importance to know that we are living today in the Kingdom and our conduct and how we celebrate every occasion whether it is worldly or rounded around or in the name of Christianity you ought to be aware and not be judged by others on certain Christian mixed with worldly activities. Haven to come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ and the salvation which brought us into the Kingdom we are living in today surpasses everything in the world. You see some hopes only for the destruction of the and end of life as we know it on earth, however, there should be others who through Jesus Christ must have hope

Book On Salvation To Be Launched

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A Christian book that lays emphasis on salvation will on Saturday, November 19, 2016 be launched at the auditorium of the Odorkor Official Town Assemblies of God (A/G) at Official Town, Accra. The 224-page book, which will be launched by the Greater Accra Regional Secretary of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, is entitled: The New Birth—The Gateway To Eternal Life. The book, written by the Head Pastor of Fountain of Life Assemblies of God, Manhean, Accra, Reverend Collins Kodjoe, affirms that a person can have eternal/everlasting life only by becoming born-again. In an interview with Today, Reverend Kodjoe disclosed that: “The overriding purpose of the book is to clearly and emphatically affirm that a person can have eternal life only by being born-again.” He continued that the book also

Let’s not only preach peace but justice and equity – Pastor

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The General Overseer of the Living Waters community Chapel Int., Apostle Paul Thiombiano is of the view that preaching peace and coming up with all kinds of peace songs, adverts, etc, without placing emphasis on justice and fairness in the 2016 general election could be a misplaced priority. The peace we seek for will elude us if we fail to emphasize on justice and fairness, he said. It is an undeniable fact that there can be no peace without justice. It is very sad and unfortunate to note that the same political leaders and their followers who preach peace and proclaim willingness to ensure a peaceful election are the same individuals who insult and make comments likely to cause mayhem and anarchy in this country. Apostle Paul Thiombiano in his sermon admonished the National peace council;