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The Gardener, Vine and Branches 3 (Jesus, my Lord, and my God)

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  26/01/19 As children of God, it’s very necessary in our daily routine, we recognize that Jesus, whom we believe in, is the Lord and God of our lives. The inspiration we draw from that understanding enables us to be effective in our walk with God. Knowing and accepting the Lordship of Jesus in my life means I am connected with a greater grace in this life. Jesus said “I AM” is my name… So trusting in Him means I am beyond any limitation in this life. I can calm all situations because in the Gospels, he spoke to situations and there was peace. I am not walking with one who will abandon me in my times of trouble. In Exodus when God introduced Himself as “I AM” to Moses and demanded that the children of Israel must be delivered from the hands of Pharaoh,

Why Jesus had to die for making the Angels & Man

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IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED by Joseph Saraceno           We know God created us. The Church tells us that He wants us to know Him to love Him and to serve Him in this world and in the next. Could it also have been that without a creation, there would be no one to know of the existence of God? Not that God needs to have anyone to know He exists, but that we creatures might be able to share His love and goodness. This could give a probable cause for creation.           We know that God began by creating the angels. Angels as we know are pure spirits with intellect, power, and free will. We also know that there are nine different degrees of angels.[1]The reason God gave the angels free will is that like man He wanted them to be like Himself (insofar as they have free will

Why Jesus had to die

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Why Jesus had to die to save people to eternal life: What problem was solved by His death? Did He die to pacify an angry God? Or was Jesus the Lamb of God whom God used to reconcile all things to Himself? Summary of this article The Qur’an teaches that some Israelites conspired to kill Jesus, but Allah rescued Jesus.  In other words, Jesus did not die.  The Bible, on the other hand, teaches that people are saved to eternal life only through the death of the Son of God.  If Jesus was not killed, then the entire Christian faith is futile and in vain.  The primary purpose of this article is to explain why Jesus had to die. Similar to the Qur’an, the Bible teaches that God is one.  The Bible clearly distinguishes between God and Jesus and teaches that Jesus is completely dependent

What’s going on Right Now, in Biblical Prophecy?

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What’s going on Right Now, in Biblical Prophecy? Where are we in Biblical prophecy, right now, today. And what’s going on in the world that’s leading up to the next event foretold by God? There are several things that are in the works, and very close to fulfillment: Happening right now: The Great Falling Away; the apostacy of the church and abundance of false teachers – 2 Thess, 2 Peter, 2 Tim, Heb 10 The Great Lie of Satan; the rise of the false religion of Islam and its exactly opposite mirror of Biblical Prophecy – Revelation 6, Daniel 2, 7-12, Revelation 13 and 17 The spirits of Catholicism, Capitalism, Communism and Islam; the first four Seals – Revelation 6 and Zechariah 6 World wars, nuclear explosions, exponential acceleration of events; the first

Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

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The passion of Jesus Christ stands alone as the most important event creation has ever known. The Bible tells us that long before the world began, God had planned that the crucifixion of Jesus would be the method and payment for sin – the only payment that would reconcile sinners to a holy and loving God. 1 Peter 1:19-20 – “He paid for you with the precious lifeblood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God. God chose Him for this purpose long before the world began, but now in these final days, He was sent to the earth for all to see. And He did this for you.” Down through history, God provided us a roadmap. He foretold various signs and conditions through His prophets. These prophets spoke of things that mankind should watch for so that the Messiah would be recognized and believed.

God’s Judgment Work in the Last Days Realizes and Fulfills the Prophecies of the Bible

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What is most predicted within the Scriptures is God’s work of judgment and chastisement in the last days. The Scriptures mention God enacting judgment in at least two hundred places; one can say they all predicted that God will carry out His work of judgment and chastisement in the last days. Hereto using just a small portion of the scriptures is enough to prove that God enacting His work of judgment and chastisement is an inevitable step of His last days work. God’s last days work is to use the method of judgment and chastisement to purify, save and perfect mankind; it is the work of classifying each person according to their own kind through judgment and chastisement to finish the age and finally build the kingdom of Christ–God’s beloved kingdom. This is the crystallization of God’s

‘Evangelism Is A Form Of Colonialism’: A Response To Efe Plange

Written by | December 6, 2018 | 0
File Photo A few days ago, I read Efe Plange’s article, ‘Evangelism is a form of colonialism,’ published by City Newsroom, with some concerns. The article discusses John Allen Chau, a twenty-six years old native of Vancouver, Washington and Christian missionary, who was killed by the people of the Sentinel Island in India’s Bay of Bengal. The members of the island have been isolated for centuries. They are aggressive and hostile to outsiders who attempt to interact with them. Also, under Indian law, the island is off-limits to visitors. Following his Christian mandate to preach the Gospel truth to all, John decided to go to the islanders to share God’s word with them. John knew that he was putting his life on the line when he decided to go to the island. In a note

Power of Midnight Prayer (Book Review)

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This book ‘Power of Midnight Prayer’ will certainly be one of the most comprehensive and most powerful books written on spiritual warfare. The choice of the title came from a wealth of experience, chilling testimonies and confessions, and a careful study of the word of God. It is indeed a very rich and well-researched work. It has been described as an incredible book. Here, you will learn of the enormous but yet to be fully tapped spiritual power embedded in the prayers done between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am. Do you know enough about the explosive powers of praise, prayer and fasting? Do you know what roles the angels of God, the Spirit of God and the fire of God play in our war against the kingdom of darkness? In this book, you will hear directly from the former grand occult masters of the

National Gospel Music Awards Launched

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  Gifty Osei Royal Akofena Entertainment has launched the second edition of the National Gospel Music Awards at the Miklin Hotel in Kumasi. The ceremony attracted a large number of the stakeholders in the creative arts industry and a section of other gospel artistes such as Ernest Opoku, Gifty Osei, Kwaku Gyasi, Mabel Okyere, Oware Junior, Faffa and others in attendance. Two categories- vibrant worship artiste (male) and vibrant worship artiste (female) – have been added to the awards. The awards scheme, according to the organisers, was instituted to recognise and honour distinguished personalities who have positively contributed to the steady growth of the gospel music industry in Ghana. The awards scheme comes with 22 categories, which will be judged by a

Gospel musician ARO Dan Adjei hits the airwaves with new album “Hossana”

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Ghanaian Gospel musician who is also a custom officer, Mr Aro Daniel Adjei has taken over the airwaves weeks after releasing his second album titled “Hossana”. The album which has ten quality tracks features top musicians like Gifty Osei, Selina Boateng , Hannah Marfo and others . Speaking in an interview with , he said that though he intended promoting the song titled “ Hossana” on his latest album, many DJs fell in love with “Ewurade Sane” track which is on the same album. According to him, though this is the second album he has released, he is overwhelmed with the attention and fantastic feedback from music fans. “The first album went well , it had all the expectations I was expecting but my biggest challenge was that because of my busy schedule, I was