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Did Kabbalistic Rabbi Nir Ben Arzi Predict the Pittsburgh Mass Shooting?

Written by | November 3, 2018 | 0
“Hashem is close to the brokenhearted; those crushed in spirit He delivers.” Psalms 34:19 (The Israel Bible™) Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a well-known mystic rabbi with a large following, has made several predictions about the Messiah. (Courtesy/Breaking Israel News) The mass murder in a Pittsburgh synagogue on during Shabbat services on Saturday has left the American nation and the Jewish people reeling, but rabbis assure that even this painful episode is an important stage in the ultimate and imminent redemption. On Saturday morning, Robert Bowers entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill suburb in the middle of Shabbat prayers. A brit milah (circumcision) of an eight-day-old infant was taking place in one section of the synagogue. Bowers did not come to join in the prayers

A Snake, The Temple, and Messiah

Written by | November 3, 2018 | 0
Let them lick dust like snakes, Like crawling things on the ground! Let them come trembling out of their strongholds To Hashem our God; Let them fear and dread You! Micah 7:17 (The Israel Bible™) A coin snake. (Credit: Flickr/Screenshot) A snake wriggling out from between the stones of the Western Wall in search of a meal brought with it a message straight from Jewish mystical teachings; connecting the archetypal enemy of man with the High Priest in the Temple, and also, perhaps, serving as a harbinger of the Messiah. Women who went to the Kotel (Western Wall) on Wednesday were shocked to see a snake crawling out from between the ancient stones. The Coin Snake, common to the region, is not venomous but it is similar in appearance to the deadly viper also found in Israel. The snake was

Brong Ahafo: Japekrom Under Attack

Written by | October 18, 2018 | 0
A 42-year old native of Japekrom and a father of five in the Jaman South District of the Brong Ahafo Region, Wofa Sina Atta, has been killed by gunmen believed to be from Drobo, a rival community. The deceased, who’s well-known as the Mbrantehene (Youth Leader) of Japekrom, was among those leading the townsfolk including chiefs, as part of activities marking their Munufie Festival when the shooting took place on Wednesday afternoon. About fifteen other natives of the town have also been injured in what appears to be shooting by snipers who were hiding in a storey-building, believed to be the Palace of the Drobo Chief, according to Police in the region. Japekrom and Drobo, both twin towns, are said to have a long history of rivalry over land. Narrating the incident to Citi News, Brong

Christians Who worship Without Work Are Fools–Badu Kobi

Written by | October 18, 2018 | 0
Christians who spend all their time to worship God without endeavouring to work are ‘fools’, founder of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi , has said. The preacher said the main reason why many Christians of today suffer is because they are too religious. He explained that instead of young men and women to work to make a living, they rather spend all their time in the church. According to him, God specifically created both heaven and earth so that His people will have time to work and time to worship Him. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi To this end, the controversial man of God said a Christian may genuinely know God, but if he refuses to work, then he is a fool. ‘God knows exactly why he separated day from night, so that man can use daytime to

Christians Know God But They Are Becoming Fools–Badu Kobi

Written by | October 18, 2018 | 0
Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has said that, Christians know God but are behaving foolishly and that is why many Christians are suffering. Speaking to host, Akua Sonto on The Sonto Show on Agoo TV, Prophet Badu Kobi noted that, God separated day from night so that man can use daytime to work and make a living and not to be in church praying yet Christians choose to pray more than work. “God knows exactly why he separated day from night, so that man can use daytime to work hard and make a living, not to be in church praying, yet Christians choose to pray more than working which is wrong, Christians know God but are fools”. He added. He indicated that, he’s against weekday service as that is not recorded in the Bible, adding

Photos: Benny Hinn Officiates Wedding Of Pastor Chris’ Daughter

Written by | October 8, 2018 | 0
Internationally-acclaimed televangelist, Reverend Benny Hinn officiated the wedding of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter, Carissa, to her Ghanaian boyfriend, Phillip Frimpong, yesterday. The wedding which took place in Nigeria at the headquarters of Christ Embassy church was attended by dignitaries, family and friends of the couple. Members of Christ Embassy church, including popular singer Sinach, were also present at the wedding. Before the white wedding on Saturday, a traditional marriage ceremony was held on Thursday. Carissa, is the first daughter of Pastor Chris’ children. The officiating minister of the wedding, Toufik Benedictus ‘Benny’ Hinn, is an Israeli televangelist, best known for his regular ‘Miracle Crusades’ — revival meeting or faith healing summits

Are Astronomers Finally Searching for Nibiru?

Written by | October 6, 2018 | 0
He reckoned the number of the stars; to each He gave its name. Psalms 147:4 (The Israel Bible™) Illustrative: Artists impression of the Nibiru planet. (Credit: gilderm sxc hu/screen capture) While denying the existence of the pre-Messiah astronomical Nibiru, astronomers have discovered yet another extremely distant, dwarf planet in a part of the solar system previously thought to be empty. The new planet is aptly named ‘the Goblin’ and its presence hints at another, much more massive, yet still unseen, Planet Nine. Scientists have long surmised the existence of a planet beyond Pluto (which officially lost its planet status in 2006) in a region of space known as the Oort Cloud. The newly discovered Goblin is helping astronomers in their search for the yet-to-be-discovered Planet Nine.

Open Letter to a Dude (Anthony) in the USA—Concerning Bloodlines and Ancestry!!

Written by | October 2, 2018 | 0
An article I published recently in this same column of mine on the Modern Ghana site, titled A Holy Bloodline or Ancestry: The Number One Prerequisite to Fellowshipping with the Creator of URL www.modernghana.com/news/884465/a-holy-bloodline-or-ancestry-the-number-one-prerequisite-to.html has so far been enjoying a good readership. A few days after its publication, it drew some comments from one of its readers which he posted for me in the Comments section of the publication! Not long after his post, he followed it with a second one in which he expressed more concerns! This reader put his name as Anthony and I learned his address location to be USA. I have, out of love for him and respect of his views already responded to his comments in the very location of the article where he posted

Kingdom Of God Preparatory School Appeals To Minister

Written by | October 1, 2018 | 0
Prophet Abednego, the Proprietor of the Kingdom of God Preparatory School at Otoase has appealed to the Minister of Education to intervene for his students to take part in the 2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). He said he had received a letter from the Coordinator of Private Schools in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region that his school would not be allowed to take part in the incoming 2019 BECE. Prophet Abednego who is also in-charge of the Kingdom of God Ministry at Otoase, near Coaltar made the appeal in an interview with the Ghana News Agency. He pleaded with the government to kindly take urgent steps to prevent a situation which would affect over 150 parents and their school children from benefitting from the Free Senior High School policy. Mr Addy

Archbishop Duncan Williams proclaims 72-hour fast, prayers for Ghana’s ‘difficult times’

Written by | October 1, 2018 | 0
Archbishop Duncan Williams “We as a nation are facing a national crisis, with lots of difficulties and hardships and in these times we must proclaim a fast,” Archbishop Duncan Williams told his congregation on Sunday. The General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry on Sunday proclaimed the 72-hour fasting and prayer for the country because that is what some leaders have done in similar situations. The man of God told the congregation of his megachurch that the fast will start on Monday, October 1 2018, confident that God will intervene, “Leaders who believe in God and recognise in times of national crisis that human capability and intelligence and logic and philosophy can do, but so much, and can go but so far…and recognise and call upon God’s intervention