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Understanding The Ministry Of Jesus Christ, His Body As One Organic Cultivation

Written by | August 11, 2018 | 0
Dear Lord JESUS CHRIST thank you for giving many YOUR wisdom of understanding to make the organic development of the the CHURCH, YOUR BODY, THE BRIDE a reality. Despite the attempt by MEN like Constantine, national and international institutions to or formation of it in their own ways. During the next few days or weeks I will standing on the shoulders of the HOLY SPIRIT, The Patriarch reveal the wisdom of God in this matter. It’s evident that many have got it wrong from the AGES after the departure of the physical presence of Jesus Christ from the earth sorted their own ways of growing the CHURCH in their minds. One could see immediately how even the Patriarch started to interpret the practices and handling of the members. Paul by the HOLY SPIRIT revelations steered brother

Church tax long overdue – Evangelist Oduro

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pastor Renowned preacher, Evangelist Stephen Oduro is in full support of churches paying taxes to government. According to him, government has taken too long in taking monies from the churches for nation building. Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Friday, the evangelist bemoaned the extravagant lifestyle of pastors at the expense of poor members. “Government has even kept long in taking the taxes….People give a lot of money to the churches, and pastors will use the money to travel abroad and be with their girlfriends” he said. SEE ALSO: Fela Kuti inspired my face painting – Epixode “I fully support this, and government can use the money from the taxes to assist the free education….Government should monitor these churches every single Sunday” he added. The

The 10 Most Expensive Cognac Bottles of All-Time

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Brandy is made by distilling wine. Cognac is a very specific brandy, which legally must be made in a very specific manner from specific grapes, and only in the Cognac region of France. So from the get-go, cognac is pretty pretentious. Add an artsy bottle, a few extra years of aging, and a prestigious name, and you have the ultimate in conspicuous consumption. For example: 10. Hennessy Ellipse Our number ten spot comes from one of the most well known names in cognac production, Hennessy. Bottled in an updated version of the classic Thomas Bastide crafted Baccarat crystal decanter, which was made popular by another member of the Hennessy family and predecessor to Ellipse, Hennessy Timeless, Ellipse is said to taste of crystallized fruit, wild roses, and earth tones, a whittling down of Hennessy’s

checked for diabetes

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15. Thirst playbuzz.com While being thirsty and drinking lots of fluid is healthy and normal, an excessive and unusual need for fluids may be a sign that you need to visit your physician to get checked for diabetes.   14. Urge to Pee playbuzz.com This is the direct consequence of having to drink excessively. The more fluids you take in, the more your bladder wants to eject. Also, when there is too much sugar in your bloodstream, the production of urine is increased. When you notice you’re making unusually frequent visits to the convenience, it may be a sign that you need to go for checkup. 13. Fatigue playbuzz.com The feeling of tiredness even when you haven’t done anything strenuous is a sign that your body cells aren’t being supplied with the amount of oxygen and nutrients needed

A Message To The Muslims Of Nigeria

Written by | July 29, 2018 | 0
“I personally dedicate myself to work untiringly for the progress and happiness of the new Nigeria. I swear in the name of Allah, that if I die today, I would leave nothing but legacy of struggle for the liberation, welfare and dignity of the masses of this country”, Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna. This is a follow-up on my earlier message to my Nigerian Christian patriots. I call on Muslims of Nigeria to value and enhance the coexistence between them and their Christian counterpart-citizens. If believing in Jesus as a messenger of God implies believing in Christianity, then all believers in Islam are also Christians. Everyman knows the existence of a Supreme Being. But how to reach the Supreme Being is the problem. As for Muslims and Christians, the status of Jesus is basically the difference.

Ghanaian Pastor Killed In Cameroon: Gov’t To Help Return Body

Written by | July 28, 2018 | 0
The Government of Ghana has promised to help return the body of the late Ghanaian missionary who was gruesomely killed in Cameroon . This follows complaints by the family of the 28-year old missionary to the effect that the government had ignored their calls for help. The deceased, Apostle Isaac Attoh, who is survived by a young widow and a two-month old baby boy was shot dead in the troubled town of Batibo in Cameroon. The deceased was dressed with his clerical when he was killed. Observers have condemned the death of the pastor, but the church in Cameroon is yet to make an official intervention. Unconfirmed reports say Attoh was killed alongside two other Ghanaians who are yet to be identified. Efforts by some stranded Ghanaian pastors and friends in Cameroon to retrieve the body of the

Black Pepper Oil: One of Nature’s Most Astonishing Remedies

Written by | July 27, 2018 | 0
Can you imagine having a centuries-old magic potion that helped cure a whole lot of ailments? Well, it’s not a far-fetched idea in a faraway fairy tale. Most people know about black pepper, the spice we frequently use to enhance the flavor of our food and most people also know about the health benefits of consuming black peppercorns. It is a little less known, but black pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum), made from black peppercorns, is one of nature’s astonishing remedies that has a variety of uses and benefits. Purifies, Calms, and Reduces Cravings Black pepper oil is diverse, providing numerous properties that are essential to promoting human health. (www.pixabay.com) Joints and Inflammation Stressful lifestyles, inadequate exercise, and unhealthy diets cause the buildup of toxic

21 Health Tricks to Teach Your Body

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The human body is a very complex machine made up of thousands of cells that are unique and very sophisticated. To fully understand any aspect of the human body, we need to understand everything that works underneath.  Your thoughts are influenced by minuscule processes involving billions of neurons that give off chemicals to biologically interact with their environment. Below are the 21 epic health tricks to teach the human body. 21.Mind over Bladder (www.pexels.com) When the urge to go to the toilet suddenly strikes and immediate relief is not an option, distract your mind by focusing on a complex task that will need all your mental energy. Researchers actually suggest thinking about sex as an effective mental distraction. 20.Stop a Nose Bleed (www.commons.wikimedia.org) The easiest first

32 Signs You Need More Magnesium – Prevent Heart Disease

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Magnesium deficiency is one of the leading cause of heart attacks. We have compiled the most important signs and symptoms that signal that you are lacking magnesium. Deficient magnesium levels are more common due to our insufficient diets, environmental factors, and stress. You get magnesium in a healthy diet with green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, and fish. However, the absorption of magnesium is inhibited by other factors, such as certain medication and too much alcohol. Magnesium is crucial for muscle health, nerve transmission, nutrient metabolism, bone and cell formation, and energy production. Below are the 32 signs to look out for which indicate that you need more magnesium. 32.Irritability and anxiety (www.pixabay.com) Magnesium in your body has a calming and relaxing

Family Of ‘Killed’ Ghanaian Pastor In Cameroon Cries Out

Written by | July 25, 2018 | 0
The family of the Ghanaian missionary who was allegedly shot dead in Cameroon by soldiers in that country, has expressed disappointment in the Ghanaian government for not doing much to assist them bring his remains home. 28-year-old Apostle Isaac Attoh was shot dead about a fortnight ago at Batibo, a suburb in the crisis hit Anglophone region of the country while returning home. He left behind a widow and a two-month old baby. The family says its persistent calls on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help return the body to Ghana have proven futile. “When we heard the news on Monday, we went straight to Foreign Affairs and then they asked us to put it into writing which we did. On a Tuesday, we submitted a letter and then we asked if they could work to actually secure the body and have