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Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Is Dead

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Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has died. The Ghanaian died at a hospital in Switzerland, Saturday morning after short illness, former Deputy Health Minister Dr Victor Bampoe confirmed it to Joy News. He was 80. Mr Annan served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 1997 to December 2006. Annan and the UN were the co-recipients of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. He is the founder and chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation, as well as chairman of The Elders, an international organization founded by Nelson Mandela. Annan was born in Kumasi, Annan went on to study economics at Macalester College, international relations from the Graduate Institute Geneva and management at MIT. He joined the UN in 1962, working for the World Health Organization’s

2018 Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair: In Ghana, lace, chiffon, glitz and glamour is all the buzz

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Mermaid skirts, a-line tops, sheath gowns and kente dominated the runway Saturday at Joy FM’s Beauty and Bridal Fair at the Accra International Conference Centre, where top media personalities impressed crowds during a three-part fashion show wearing attire crafted exclusively by Ghana’s premier designers.    

Kweku Adoboli to be deported from UK

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Kweku Adoboli ran up the largest unauthorised trading loss in UK history Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS trader who was sentenced to seven years in prison after running up the largest unauthorised trading loss in UK history, is on the verge of being deported to Ghana. The 38-year-old, who caused a $2.3bn trading loss by vastly exceeding his risk limits, has lived in the UK since he was 12 but is a national of Ghana, where he was born and where he lived until he was four years old. On Monday, he is due to report to the Home Office for a check-in and could be detained then. He has exhausted almost all his legal options since his release from prison into probation three years ago, after serving half his sentence. “Being banished from your friends, family, community, country and the West

Archbishop Palmer-Buckle begs for quicker funerals

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The Archbishop of Cape Coast, Charles Palmer-Buckle has called for a shift in the mindset of how society wastes a lot of time, money and resources on funerals. Whilst commending the family of the late J.H Mensah for being able to organize his funeral within 40 days, he admonished mourners at the Accra International Conference Center to spend time on the living as he delivered his sermon. “I hope all Ghanaians will take a cue and do same if not even better. Let us all do well and do all we can to bury our loved ones within one or two weeks after their death. “Lying interminably in the cold mortuary is not very pleasant for any soul that wants to be off to go to God,” he added. J.H Mensah was a founding member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP). He served the

Know how churches use their monies before taxing them – EP Church Moderator

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Rev Seth Senyo Agidi, Moderator of General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church The Moderator of General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church has said there must be a proper investigation into how churches use their monies before a consideration can be made into whether they must pay taxes or not. Very Rev. Seth Senyo Agidi stressed that especially with one-man churches where one person assumes several positions, there is the need to know how the money is used so they can be taxed. “In the well-established churches that are regulated by a constitution, there are laws which we abide by, so we pay salaries to our pastors and they do not have to take more than they are entitled to. “But in the modern day one-man church that the founder is the financial secretary,

Pastor who congregants gifted private jet dragged to court for impregnating church member

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A Canada-based Ghanaian pastor, Martin Kofi Danso, has made headlines following revelations that he has impregnated a member of his church. Pastor Danso is reported to have impregnated the church member and later sought to conceal the information after the matter went to court. According to Thestar.com, Danso asked the court to extend a publication ban and seal order on a court file related to allegations that he fathered a child with former congregant Chris-Ann Bartley. ALSO READ  Rawlings didn’t call me crook – Anita Desoso  Tamale Central MP dares Akufo-Addo to ‘arrest’ Khandahar boys Conversion of halls senseless, we’ll fight it – Kantanga Alumni In a sworn affidavit filed with the court, Danso claimed he had never had intimate relations with Bartley but a DNA

I’ve Submitted Myself To EOCO–Otabil

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Pastor Mensa Otabil Pastor Mensa Otabil has disclosed the Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO) is investigating him over developments leading to the collapse of Capital Bank. As the board chairman of the defunct Capital Bank, the anti-graft body has invited him over circumstances leading to the revocation of the bank’s license by the Central Bank a year ago. In a statement to state his side of the story following social media backlash over his role at the bank, the preacher said: “Since the takeover of the bank exactly a year ago today, various mandated state institutions have been investigating and working to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of what happened, why it happened and who was responsible for what. I have been invited by EOCO and I have submitted

Dr. Mensa Otabil’s Integrity Is Intact; Stainless

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The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has affirmed its loyalty to its head pastor, Dr. Mensa Otabil, amid controversy over the role he may have played in malfeasances that led to the collapse of Capital Bank. Dr. Otabil, the former Board Chairman of the now-defunct bank, appeared to be aware of the misuse of liquidity support from the Bank of Ghana, according to an investigative report sighted by citinewsroom.com. The liquidity support amounted to GHc 610 million. However, ICGC’s leadership and membership stressed what they described as Dr. Otabil’s integrity and transparency over 30 years of service in a statement of support. “Throughout this period, you have demonstrated integrity at its highest level before us. Many of us have built our Christian character around the values

20 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

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Did you know that there are foods you are eating every day that are killing you slowly? Most of us have a number of these foods on our menu, but if you combine all of these, you’ll get a deadly combo and you need to start making changes to your diet. So analyze what you eat and start making the right choices today. Here’s the list of 20 foods that are killing you slowly. Try to avoid or limit the intake of these foods as much as you can. Some of these foods lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Not to forget obesity and all the anxiety and depression that can come with it. 1.      Canned Tomato Sauce newmanfoods.com Canned tomato sauce is a killer in disguise. It’s a hidden source of sugar and it would never even cross

WordDigest: Five Lessons To Glean From Cornelius

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“Cornelius was frightened and stared intently at him and said, “What is it, lord (sir)?” And the angel said to him, “Your prayers and gifts of charity have ascended as a memorial offering before God [an offering made in remembrance of His past blessings].” [Acts 10:4] Living Bible Cornelius was a centurion and a devoted man to the things of God. One day in a vision, an angel of the Lord appeared to him. What did he do to have an angel of the lord visited him? Why did an angel of the Lord appeared to him? Today, our discussion will dwell on five lessons to glean from the vision of Cornelius meeting with an Angel of the Lord. 1. Cornelius feared God. Fearing God means respecting and be obedient to God’s word. So fear God in all your ways. 2. He ensured that